Small batch maple.
Using what nature has provided.
Bringing families together.

Pure Organic Maple Syrup from New York

Harvest Maple’s goal is to make the best quality artisan maple products accessible to people living outside the core area of maple syrup production. You can taste the difference when you have single source, small batch maple syrup. Harvest Maple brings you the highest quality maple produced on family farms on the Adirondack Coast of New York.

our three grade a maple syrups: delicate, rich, robust

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I can be an engineer and invent things like I always wanted to, and I can be a farmer at the same time. Blending together to 2 things I grew up wanting to do.
The power that farming had in my life and the work ethic that it’s given me and the appreciation for the natural world and turning natural resources into products that bring joy to people.

Meet the Harvest Maple Syrup Producers

Kevin Guay and Rob Guay are brothers who grew up on a dairy farm. The work ethic they learned from their youth has never left them as they grew in other careers. Learning how to make maple syrup has brought them back to where it began.

What makes Harvest Maple different?

We process our sap quickly ensuring the best quality syrup.
Harvest Maple is certified organic.
We deliver Harvest Maple in mason jars that are reusable.
Our labels are biodegradable and compostable.
We use a maximum of 2 taps per tree. Up to 3 is permitted, but we like to leave ample sap for the tree.
Our syrup has a unique flavor that can only be created by our trees, the soil they grow in, and our unique micro-climate.